InnovestSystems, LLC: Transforming Technology into Competitive Advantage

Glenn Schmidt, CEO Maryanne Campbell, SVP, Sales & Marketing
With leading edge technology and financial solution products, Innovest Systems works hand in hand with its clients in the trust and wealth management market to deliver an end-to-end platform that allows clients to acquire new customers, invest assets effectively, manage trust and investment portfolios, and flexibly report results. Innovest’s continued investments in keeping their underlying technology infrastructure up-to-date has been the hallmark of their strategy. Unlike other platforms where major upgrades are required in order to take advantage of new features, Innovest’s clients do not have to undergo a conversion to take advantage of new technology or functional features due to the company’s unique technology infrastructure. The company has focused its energies to realize a highly scalable platform that allows them to serve a breadth of clients, ranging from boutique firms that have 200 customers to large enterprises that manage in excess of 600,000 domestic and global accounts.

“To keep our platform current with market changes, we have continued to invest in developing advanced functionalities that allow clients to be more competitive and to expand into new markets,” said Glenn Schmidt, CEO, Innovest. “We also deploy our technology tools to our clients, which allow them to independently build out custom user experiences and gain full access to their data.”

Innovest strives to integrate the latest and greatest technology available in the market with an eye towards addressing both business and compliance needs. The company delivers an advanced trust and wealth management solution with InnoTrust, a flexible and open SaaS platform that enables customers to take advantage of new market opportunities.

The fact that we provide our clients the same technology tools that we use internally to build our solutions speaks volumes of our credibility as a technology provider

Besides InnoTrust, the company also provides InnoPay for employee benefit payments, PDS for unique asset services and FinTech Securities Trading solutions to organizations across the globe. This end-to-end platform supports wealth managers looking to control, account for, and report on assets held in trust, wealth, and retirement accounts.

Innovest Systems continues to invest a significant amount of time into understanding client requirements and current business conditions. “Staying up to date on changes in the market is key for our business. Our sales and relationship management team attends every important industry conference to gain a deeper understanding about the market and stay current on trends and regulatory changes,” said Maryanne Campbell, Innovest’s senior vice president of Sales and Marketing.

To maintain their continued success, Innovest has focused on building feature rich tools that allow customers to be technologically self-reliant in wealth management, retirement, alternative assets, and trust accounting.

InnovestSystems, LLC

New York, NY

Glenn Schmidt, CEO Maryanne Campbell, SVP, Sales & Marketing and Joanne Smith, COO

Innovest empowers its clients to acquire new customers, invest assets effectively, manage trust and investment portfolios efficiently, and flexibly report results

InnovestSystems, LLC