Arria NLG: Empowering Companies to Find Their Own AI Strategy

Sharon Daniels, CEO
Arria NLG intends to change the AI industry and make a key form of AI technology known as Natural Language Generation (NLG) accessible to everyone. For this New York-based firm, the goal is to enable companies of any size to leverage the power of AI to automatically analyze data and report what is important about that data, not just in charts and graphs that require further analysis and explanation, but also in natural language narratives. Arria’s NLG Studio tool is a major step in that direction. The tool allows both novice and expert users alike to generate rich, natural language reports from datasets of any size, source or complexity. It can make use of historical information to identify important trends, variances, or deviations within the provided datasets. Companies can use the NLG Studio tool to automatically identify the insights hidden within their own datasets and then, in mere seconds, generate their own custom stories and reports. “Without the power of NLG being added to the presentation layer, writing of reports will continue to consume the time and energies of a company’s best and brightest people,” says Sharon Daniels, Arria’s CEO. “Arria automates this process, which provides companies the ability to fully maximize both their digital and human resources.”

With its NLG Studio, Arria NLG has taken natural language generation mainstream.

While certain types of AI, such as chatbots or personal assistants have become more visible over the past several years, the rollout of natural language generation has been gathering momentum within global level enterprises starting with pilots and custom implementation. As Arria saw the demand for NLG continue to increase, it has developed NLG Studio to give companies the ability to add the power of natural language generation to their reporting themselves, if they choose, providing them a desired level of control over their data and the ability to manage ongoing configuration of report enhancements. This also positions Arria for global scale. The hands-on nature of the NLG Studio allows for hyper-personalization so that companies can tailor the tool to extract specific information and insights from the dataset.

The NLG Studio tool allows for textualization of data so that companies can get meaningful insights about trends within a dataset in mere seconds

NLG Studio is already being used to create and maintain reports across multiple use cases including enterprise financial reporting, pharmacovigilance, weather, investment portfolio performance, and compliance reporting. The possibilities for use are unlimited. For example, the tool is also used by journalists to sift through large amounts of data to automatically produce hundreds of different stories from a single dataset.

Arria believes that NLG Studio will ultimately empower companies around the world to implement their own AI strategy, using the technology in a way that meets their specific needs.

One challenge of defining an AI strategy is that the technologies are relatively new with industries still figuring out how to adapt to them. Executives know they need an AI strategy but aren’t sure about how to get there and don’t want to be left behind. Arria has been addressing this challenge since 2012 and understands that companies will need to develop and implement their own AI strategy and that is why NLG Studio was designed with APIs and starter kits which companies can use right out of the box. NLG Studio enables users to analyze and provide plain English reports from datasets in mere seconds.

Arria believes that NLG Studio brings AI out of the future into the now. The company spent 2017 completing its NLG toolset and it views 2018 and beyond as an opportunity to empower companies around the world. Arria NLG’s vision is partner-led, with key corporate partners working to bring the technology to a wide range of different industries and companies all over the globe.

Arria NLG

New York, NY

Sharon Daniels, CEO

Provides an AI-powered tool that allows companies to create rich, natural language reports

Arria NLG