Top 20 FinTech Solution Companies - 2020

Gone are the days when customers visited the branch offices for their banking needs. Technological advancements such as the Automated Teller Machine (ATM), online banking, bill payment, and mobile banking have ushered the era of consumer experience in banking and payments, while alleviating costs, increasing convenience, and streamlining processes. The shock of the great recession, coupled with the emergence of new technology applications in self-service, online and mobile banking, machine learning, Big Data, and artificial intelligence (AI) may now be sowing the seeds of financial services disruption.

As Fintech is good at moving money around, it opens up new possibilities within consumer financial services that were not available a few years ago. In addition, Fintech creates new competition, markets, possibilities and opportunities for the sector and regional economies, opening up possibilities that were unavailable a few years ago. And for businesses, it means an increase in the efficiency of operations. There is no doubt that the US has been a bit of a trendsetter over the years when it comes to the way Europe operates. Whether that is in imports, exports, retail, fashion, and real estate, what happens in the US is mirrored across Europe and the rest of the world. Though the industry conjures up images of startups and industry-changing technology, traditional companies and banks are also constantly adopting fintech services for their own purposes. Providing a quick look at how the industry is both disrupting and enhancing some areas of finance, CIOReview presents you “20 Most Promising FinTech Solution Providers 2020.”

    Top FinTech Companies

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    Alkami enable's financial institutions to outsmart, not outspend, the Megabanks by delivering the nation’s most successful cloud-based digital banking platform. The Alkami Platform humanizes digital banking so both you and your users confidently grow by adapting quickly and building a thriving digital community. Through bold investments in technology, we enable new ways for you to meaningfully connect with your users while investing in a modern digital-first infrastructure built for scale, security and efficiency. Our award-winning culture pairs the best people with the most remarkable forward-thinking clients. Our authentic bonds illustrate why we remain the gold standard in digital banking

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    Arcesium is a technology and tech-enabled services company that strives to eliminate post-trade problems from the alternative asset industry. The company offers a gamut of comprehensive and flexible middle and back office solutions with an approach to incorporate flexibility and problem-solving ability. From real-time integration with order management systems to fortified and automated oversight of third-party administrators, Arcesium offers a unified and robust solution for the entire post-trade process. The company offers its Financial Data Stack product comprising a series of rapidly deployed, highly configurable modular technology applications that are easily integrated with other systems. To address the security aspect, Arcesium’s platform also offers a dedicated virtual private cloud for each customer to store data

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    Attunely offers a proven, compliant, and trustworthy machine-learning platform that makes the recovery of receivables easy, seamless, and profitable

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    Offers an integrated wealth management platform for UNHW individuals and family offices to get a comprehensive view of their financial data and manage transactions

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    With more than 20 years history in offering web-based solutions, North Shore Systems (NSS) combines the benefits of a COTS solution with the flexibility of a custom-built one. At its core, the company is one of the most flexible and configurable platforms available, as it was designed specifically to allow clients to customize the functionality and to have the capability of modifying/adding to the functionality through client-defined and controlled administration. At its core, NSS is one of the most flexible and configurable platforms available, as it was designed specifically to allow clients to customize the functionality and to have the capability of modifying/adding to the functionality through client-defined and controlled administration

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    QCash Financial offers a highly customizable SaaS-based lending platform to financial institutions. The digital lending platform of the company delivers highly-customized, small-dollar, short-term credit solutions to their consumers in a faster and more efficient manner. QCash Financial’s innovative and mission-focused solution includes a white-label, mobile financial wellness, and lending app that empowers credit unions in reaching the financially unstable in their membership and communities. The company also provides the convenience of a payday loan, but at lower costs and friendlier terms

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    Florida-based Qolo is taking the bull by the horns in the complex global payments landscape by providing innovative payment solutions. The company is on a mission to simplify B2B cross-border payments. When the founders of the company got down to the brass tacks to develop the platform, their idea was to build a hybrid solution that combines the best of all worlds—speed, simplicity, cost—topped with their own secret sauce. Focused on both the payables and the supply chain sides of the overseas payments, Qolo works with clients to untangle the knotty processes and facilitate the free flow of payments

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    Remitter provides an intelligent recovery system that streamlines the recovery process with a cutting-edge digital platform enhanced by artificial intelligence. The company enhance clients’ customer’s experience and increases their recovery success, with a white-labeled software that easily integrates with their current processes. Remitter’s proprietary intelligence drives actionable insights, and automatically interacts with customers using branded messaging and interfaces, personalizing customer experience and streamlining their receivables process. Remitter takes the stress out of recoveries with a personalized experience that uses artificial intelligence to create an experience that resonates with each individual customer

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    Led by a team that strongly believes in forging human relationships to maximize CX, Revation Systems offers innovative and secure communication solutions that enable banks’ customers to achieve financial security. Team Revation believes in the power of human relationships and that innovation in communication will connect people at the bank with their customers. With such a belief, it enables secure and intelligent communication across digital and physical channels to deliver high-touch experiences to customers of banks, credit unions, and even healthcare organizations

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    The NJ-based Fintech startup has developed an easy to use, integrated pre-trade onboarding platform for the exchange of data and documents between asset managers, brokers, custodians, third party administrators, and clients. The single portal pre-trade platform by Saphyre leverages exclusive, patented AI technology ATTOM to structure all pre-trade data and documents speeding all client onboarding. The AI technology also helps in workflow management along with metadata tagging and tracking of documents. Through this, Saphyre is structuring unstructured data and documents in the pre-trade space to revolutionize and standardize the activities in the end-to-end trade lifecycle: from pre-trade to trade to all the way through post-trade. This allows Saphyre’s platform to maintain a memory of the data and documents, which waivers the necessity of searching for and resubmitting the information shared previously.

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    Singular Key harnesses the power hardware-grade (HSM) security and biometrics available on today’s devices to create strong, password free authentication solutions for enterprises. The company's multi-factor authentication service minimizes the possibility of scalable phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks attributed to 80% of cyber security breaches. By combining the power of open security standards like FIDO, Web AuthN, public-key cryptography, and modern authenticators, Singular Key delivers security and convenience. The company delivers modern authentication experience to its customers, partners, and employees on any application and device

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    Having been in this domain for over 20 years, acquiring vast experience, Solutions Atlantic is well-positioned to offer a proprietary solution called the Regulatory Reporting System (RRS) that efficiently manages global shareholding disclosure monitoring and reporting for institutional investors. Established in 1998, Solutions Atlantic started as a boutique technology consulting firm focused on the financial services industry. In 2001, Mitch Greess, the CEO recognized the need for automating the global shareholding disclosure process, which led to the development of Solutions Atlantic’s Regulatory Reporting System (RRS). A purpose-built solution with a web-based user interface, RRS automates the shareholding disclosure monitoring and reporting workflow across 100 jurisdictions.

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    Founded over 20 years ago with the vision of creating a smoother, faster and more efficient straight through trading process for non-U.S. firms seeking access to the U.S. equity & option market, ViewTrade Holding Corp. and its subsidiaries ViewTrade Securities, Inc. and Orbis Systems, Inc. have evolved to provide turnkey white-labeled retail brokerage, technology, content, customer engagement and advisor solutions to brokerage firms, banks, and financial firms worldwide

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    Driving a new age in connected planning, Anaplan makes all planning for all people a reality by joining people with data and plans to accelerate business success. The firm’s cloud-based, enterprise SaaS platform transforms the way business decisions are made — everyday. Anaplan’s architected platform creates heroes; unlock potential, builds trust, and confidence, by challenging legacy thinking and software that isn’t flexible for the modern organization. The company aims to solve the thorny problems of conventional planning tools, including difficult collaboration, scattered data sources, and inflexible modeling and calculation. Recognized as one of the best Connected Planning Pioneer, Anaplan serves multiple sectors as a powerful and patented modeling technology

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    Beyond Limits

    Beyond Limits

    Beyond Limits provide AI for the world’s most demanding industries with breakthrough cognitive technologies that is beyond the conventional. By combining the best of conventional numeric AI approaches and the best of higher-order symbolic AI techniques, Beyond Limits deliver a cognitive reasoning and intelligent solutions that emulates human intuition. The company excels in providing mission-critical systems with acute situational awareness in real-time, predictive analytics, domain expertise at the edge, and instantaneous human-like reasoning to make informed decisions and meaningful action. Serving the multiple industrial demands, Beyond Limits is led by seasoned industry veterans that use groundbreaking AI technologies to build automated solutions that satisfy the client demands

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    FundApps provide automated compliance monitoring services to financial institutions, including asset managers, hedge funds, and investment banks. FundApps enable investment managers harness the power of community & technology to automate regulatory compliance from the piles of data and procedures. The firm’s uniqueness lies in its capability to provide both technology and content. The company develops the latest make white-hot technology while partnering with the most respected content providers in the industry delivering the frequent rules & updates in the industry. FundApps is a team that cares passionately about delivering a great regtech solution using quality software

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    Working in conjunction with banks and their commercial customers, and with Visa, MasterCard, IMPESA’s software allows corporate bank business customers to manage and control the way their credit cards are used. The company innovates and develops technology like card integration with GPS for large local and multinational distribution companies that use the solutions to manage their fleets. Working in tandem with multiple industries, IMPESA’s fintech products revolutionize payment methods and expense control for the commercial and retail payments. Certified with PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), IMPESA delivers security standards that manage and define policy & procedure, network architecture, software design and several types of information and other credit card related data protection measures

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    Ninth Wave

    Ninth Wave

    As one of the leading enabler, the Ninth Wave platform simplifies data connectivity for financial institutions, providing a single, secure point of integration to share data with apps, aggregators, and other external software tools. With Ninth Wave, financial institutions are capable of securing data connectivity for apps and software solutions, from simple financial wellness tools, to sophisticated business accounting software. The firm is able to quickly deploy off-the-shelf ecosystem and save years of internal development time and cost. While Ninth Wave enhance security and improve regulatory readiness, it boost profits by monetizing connectivity, while avoiding customer churn

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    Nortridge Software

    Nortridge Software

    Nortridge Software provides enterprise-grade loan software that allows lenders to launch new loan product lines, enter new markets, and automate routine tasks to keep productivity up. Nortridge Software’s platforms are secure and feature-rich enough to be trusted by large, publicly-traded lenders, while constant updates allow them to keep growing and keep up with the changing competitive landscape and changing regulations. Founded in 1981, Nortridge Software’s solution helps lenders and servicers better manage and service their loan portfolios. It includes, at its core, Origination, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Servicing and Collections

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    Bringing the latest in payment innovation, Transcard is a fintech company focused on account-based payment solutions and a corporate funds disbursement gateway. The company’s platform take regulatory, time and cost burdens off payers while providing payees secure, self-service options for receiving their money. Transcard’s offering encompasses turnkey products, robust suite of applications, and access to hundreds of sponsor banks, extensive supporting services and reporting. TransCard’s online platform simplifies payment processes for organizations across a broad range of industries including financial services, corporate disbursements, insurance, hospitality, and payroll